A Neurodivergent Powered Not-For-Profit

Welcome to NeurodiverCity C.I.C., a visionary not-for-profit organization committed to reshaping the employment landscape for neurodivergent individuals. At the heart of our mission is the unwavering belief that neurodiversity is not just a concept to be acknowledged but a force to be celebrated and harnessed.

What do we Stand for?

Why do we exist

In a world where differences often lead to untapped potential, NeurodiverCity C.I.C. stands as a catalyst for change. We are dedicated to bridging the employment gap by providing tailored support and creating opportunities for neurodivergent individuals to flourish in the professional realm. But our vision goes beyond mere inclusion; we are architects of sustainable success.

NeurodiverCity C.I.C. is pioneering the promotion of neurodivergent-led businesses and ventures. Through a unique blend of mentorship, specialized consultancy, and a commitment to leveraging the latest technological trends, we empower neurodivergent entrepreneurs to not only establish their ventures but to thrive and lead in their respective industries.

Join us on this transformative journey where diversity is not just acknowledged, but celebrated. At NeurodiverCity C.I.C., we are not just closing gaps; we are building bridges to a future where neurodivergent individuals don’t just find a place in the workforce—they redefine it. Welcome to a community where differences are not obstacles but the very foundation of innovation and success.

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